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About The Designer

Exploring the Beauty of This World

My name is Alexander Muller and I have discovered the secret of the real beauty. I am a young German designer, who traveled the world not only to get new experience, but also to know the verity. My artist’s soul was looking for the magnificence in every corner of our planet. Visiting various places I absorbed new knowledge and moved forward.

Everywhere from European big cities to Asian small villages, I met thousands of people and saw the originality of their outfits, houses and room interiors. They look so different, but all of them were absolutely gorgeous. I found out that not everything obeys the fashion. There is something truly important, which makes this world look so beautiful just the way it is. And answer was THE NATURE.

The Verity

High skyscraper cannot be as glorious as a huge mountain, modish dress cannot be as pretty as the wings of the exotic butterfly, and swimming pool cannot be as sumptuous as the ocean. Everything that we consider as “beautiful” was created by the Mother Nature and only modified by humans.

This discovery helped me to understand that crafting the barnwood mirror I should use eco-friendly materials only and never try to change the originality of the stunning wooden texture. The nature has already created an ideal ornament of the timber. It is like a gift, which we should accept with the gratitude.

Choosing the Quality

Today, in cooperation with other talented LA artisans, we produce one of the best U.S. mirrors. We spend our time on search for the finest pieces of the wood in order to create mind-blowing frame for the barnwood mirror. Like it is impossible to cook a tasty dinner using poor quality ingredients, it is impossible to create a fabulous mirror from the bad stuff. For this reason, we purchase the raw materials only from the reliable U.S. suppliers, who provide us with all quality certificates.


If you truly like examples of our works, do not try to find something similar in the market. Every barnwood mirror, which we handcraft, is unique. Like there are no two similar flowers in the world, there are no two identical pieces of the wood, which we can use. Everyone will agree that it is very cool to own the mirror, which is one of a kind. Moreover, every out-and-outer item has a higher value.

In addition, every mirror is signed by the artist and marked with the date of fabrication at the back side. So, you have a proof that your purchase is 100% original. Handcrafted mirror is a piece of art, which is charged with the positive vibes of the designer’s soul.

Implementing the Knowledge

In order to produce a high quality mirror it is important to apply not only creativity, but also professional knowledge. After years of study and practice in the North America and Europe we became the experts in the field. We literally can polish the wooden frame with the closed eyes. Thus, you have no reasons to doubt the fine durability of our barnwood mirrors.


By Sophia

The Barnwood Mirror came exactly as imaged, beautiful craftsmanship and the seller was very friendly and easy to work with! Very satisfied with my purchase!


By Olivia

Just the right size to fit the bathroom wall. The Wooden Mirror was exactly what I was looking for and the mirror is very nice looking. It’s substantial and doesn’t look like something cheap you’d find at a discount store. It was extremely well packaged with a small crate frame around it.


By William

f I could give this ten stars I would! It was expertly packed and easy to open. The artist was so kind and helpful, and then there is the Rustic Wood Mirror itself when it comes out of the packaging – completely stunning!!!!! You can’t find anything like this in mainstream stores, and this mirror is so beautiful and it’s so fun, I absolutely love it!!

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